The Future now? series of events

The ALL-YOUTH research project’s multimedia events are played out online 25.9.–15.12.2020. Over the course of the autumn, the series will publish a line of outputs based on the exploratory and experimental collaborations of the project with a variety of academic and non-academic research partners. These include, importantly, a number of youth groups, aged 16-25, coming from all over Finland and representing various life situations and social positionings.

At the heart of the “Future now?” series of events is the question of what a sustainable future means for young people when looked at from their life world and their personal dreams and concerns.

The series will start by the “Future now?” webinar on Friday, 25 September at 10:00-12:30. The webinar presents the key results of the first three-year period of the ALL-YOUTH research project (SRC 2018-2023) under four themes: Equality and inclusion * Youth and climate change * Young people’s participation possibilities and new practices of participation * Young people’s dreams and perceptions of a sustainable future

The program is in Finnish. Follow the current updates on this website and in social media.

Welcome aboard!


ALL-YOUTH research project:

Päivi Honkatukia, Professor, Tampere University, paivi.honkatukia@tuni.fi
The contact information of researchers can be found at the program pages.

Other questions:

Laura Sirén, Event Coordinator, laura.s.siren@gmail.com

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